We offer experience and skill to build the deck you want and need.

Modular Roof Decks

Modular Roof Decks | Decks By Bart - Brooklyn,NY

We are happy to bring you our years of skill and knowledge when you wish to construct a modular roof deck for your home. We make sure to...

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Modular Terrace Decks

Modular Terrace Decks | Decks By Bart - Brooklyn,NY

We understand that your home needs to have that space in your yard for you to go and relax, socialize, or just have a good time. This...

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Modular Garden Decks

Modular Garden Decks | Decks By Bart - Brooklyn,NY

Often, we want our decks to have that extra flourish of green, balance, and serenity that garden decks can provide. Whether you want to add plants...

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Welcome To Decks By Bart

We at Decks By Bart are happy to offer you our professional expertise and experience when constructing and maintaining your modular roof decks, terrace decks, or garden decks. We are locally owned and operated in Brooklyn, N.Y., and proudly serve our fellow Brooklyn residents.

We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate and consult with our customers from the very beginning – no matter at what stage we begin. If you need help designing your modular decks from scratch, or need help consulting on existing plans you have, we can discuss all options of shape, size, materials, costs, and time needed to build your deck.

Living in the city is often a crowded affair, with people everywhere – on the streets, the subways, in restaurants, and so on. This is why we feel it is important for all of us to have that place at home where we can sit in peace and quiet, with space all our own.

Our years of experience in working in the city have taught us at that no space is too large or too small for a modular deck – whether it’s on a roof, on a terrace, or involves a garden. If you’re stuck on design ideas due to space or structural issues, we offer our creative solutions to help you get what you need.

We work year-round on our installations, repairs, and maintenance for your deck – so there is no wrong time of the year to call.

And remember that, when you contact us at (718) 284-8053, we inspect your properties and discuss your ideas—and give you a free estimate!

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